Emerging markets and cultures

Currently, a cluster of seven countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China, the so-called BRIC, plus Mexico, Indonesia and Turquey, form the E7 or emerging 7. In a decade’s time, they will constitute the greatest global economic group. Try to know their economic and social peculiarities.


Touristic and international protocol

The development of entrepreneurial, scientific and leisure activities in a prestigious context requires from the professional of the tourist sector deep knowledge of etiquette, treatment, development of events, physical disposition of enclaves, furniture, external communications elements and other endless details that you need to control to grant the most demanding client’s satisfaction.



The global reservation systems represent an indispensable tool to arrange the activities typical of tourist mediation. Amadeus is an interesting tourism management model based on technology nets. It is inescapable for the professional in tourism to be updated with the latest changes in operations, process and interfaces of this extended system. Come to the only university centre where your skills will be certified.

Hotel and travel agency management

The increasing complexity of hotels, with categories of high demand, such as 5 stars or great de luxe, require the handling of the most modern entrepreneurial management techniques. Likewise, in an environment of global disintermediation, TAs still have a very relevant role to ensure the quality and the security in elaboration and distribution of tourist products. It is very relevant that you are updated in the newest strategic, tactic and operational aspects in the management of these two pillars of tourism.


Air trainsport

We have moved from the new economy to the now economy. Clients will to be helped in real time and see face-to-face the executives in the company that give them their service. The exponential emergence of Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other social Networks as “blank platforms”, where every company and client can tell their story, has implied a fundamental change in how companies create products, distribute and defend publicly their quality and uniqueness. Only the best prepared social media managers can grant that the reputation and digital public image are optimal.


International negotiation

Tourism is increasingly accomplished in an international arena. Negotiations with providers, wholesalers, competitors, public administrations, ecologists and other agents result indispensable for the well-being of tourist activities. The handling of techniques for the modern negotiation in English or German is an added asset that will give you a competitive advantage when fighting for the post you want.


International economy

Financial crisis, currency markets, foreign regulations, bilateral commercial agreements, all of them are a cluster of economic transnational realities affecting tourism globally. Join this analysis group to delve into and be able to anticipate these trends for the sake of the company you work for, and the overall development of your career.


Cultural and natural heritage

The promotion of a cultural destination is incomprehensible without a firm bet for preservation, enhancement and promotion of our heritage from its natural and cultural sides, often indistinguishable. Classifying our heritage, diagnosing its situation and foreseeing its potential as tourist resource are fundamental activities for the professional in tourism.


Creative thinking and communication

Creativity, sensitivity and aesthetics are inherent qualities, but they can also be strengthened and worked out. Creating a new feeling in the client’s experience is a key factor for the success of the tourist sector. Offering a renewed image, surprise before, during and after the tourist’s experience in our company is a warranty of loyalty and modernity. Stop inertia and the habits of other professionals. Anticipate the main trends in the advertising and design of the tourist product.


Certification of tourist quality systems

The extension of the quality standard Q, as well as other guidelines and quality norms or good practices like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), ISO9001, ISO14001, EMAS, etc., form a part of the vocabulary about high tourist management. What is more, new frames that transcend the precept of quality and aim at a superior level in Excellence are increasingly visible in the direction of hotels, airlines, intermediaries and leisure and events companies. Certify your competence and knowledge on these standard principles.  



Self-confidence, personal interview and curriculum

The personal treatment, communicative skills, the proper management of our image, they all imply the development of a number of capacities that are not officially included in any syllabus yet. That is why Iriarte fosters this complementary formation with highly qualified professionals belonging to the business sphere. Know how to go through the strictest selection processes, thanks to renowned executives in Human Resources Management.


Study techniques

The European Space of Higher Education presents a list of undeniable advantages as regards mobility and the official recognition of certificates. However, it also brings about relevant challenges for students. In this course, these will be faced with updated techniques.