Our students are granted internships from the first year of their degree. They are permitted to choose the sector where they would like to develop their practicum and we have available both national and international offers. Updated list of partner companies and entities, here.

International internships will be available via Erasmus or independently. In this second case, students will be required to present:

- A B2 level of English, or higher.

- A sucessfull previous period of practices in Spain. 

These are minimun requirements that would be increased by the host firm. 



Director of Professional Careers


Life is practice and so is everything we do at Iriarte.

Currently, the academic training is not enough. As a matter of fact, knowing the updated theories on Tourism, in its economic, social and cultural aspects, is vital, and, at Iriarte, we engage in students’ acquisition of that knowledge thanks to our faculty staff.

But it is not enough. The reality of the company demands from our students a higher and higher level in professional experience. That is the only way to grant that the company products are satisfactorily delivered, for both the company, and fundamentally, the clients. The competitive struggle among companies consists in recruiting adequately trained staff, with an appropriate background for the post occupied. In both, jobs that rely on a face-to-face contact with the client, as well as in those based on management tasks, experience is nowadays, more than ever, an asset.

Hence, at Iriarte we promote practical formation for our students since the moment they become members of the community, signing agreements with prestigious entities belonging to the subsectors of air transport, accommodation, events, education, culture, sports, nature, etc. Among those companies where you can be given a internship or apply for a job under our supervision, there are hotels awarded internationally, important travel companies, international sea and air carriers, public institutions, and entities working with cultural goods and preserved natural heritage. All this in the Canaries, and in the main tourist and entrepreneurial centers the world over.

Additionally, we will help you in gradually deciding which professional profile adapts to your expectations, by selecting companies that fit in that profile. In other words, we will shape your career with you.

Only in Tenerife, where tourists are six times the local population, you will be able to receive an integral formation, theoretical, and mainly, practical, which will prepare you to succeed in the Canarian and global professional world. Only at Iriarte, we will place within reach the companies and entities that can achieve a perfect match between science and experience, which, as a professional in the sector, you will require.



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